The 9 benefits of raw meat :

Hair loss reduction :

With raw meat, the excessive hair loss is over! Our food reduces hair loss and promotes a soft and shiny coat. Our raw meat formulas provide all the essential nutrients your pet needs to support a healthy fur coat.

Optimal digestion

Our food reduces the odors of organic matter that was digested a little earlier. With our food, your dog's stool will be regularized and non-abundant. The digestion process for a raw diet takes a period of 4 to 5 which is faster than a cooked or processed food diet with an average of 12 hours. As for our raw food formulas, they are almost completely assimilated by your animal's body. Consequently, you will find that the quantity of stools decreases in volume. In addition, the dog stool will be less odorous, and it will have a firmer consistency so that it will be easier to pick up.

Limit allergies and possibilities for customizing formulas

The limited number of ingredients in our food means it's easier to target your dog's allergies. It is easier to reduce food allergy symptoms which affects your faithful companion's quality of life. Any food allergies or intolerances your pet may be suffering from will be much easier to identify and manage. Many of our clients have noticed a decrease in their dog's allergy symptoms. Some symptoms have completely disappeared after switching to a diet based on raw meat. Know that if you already know the allergies or intolerances that afflict your pet, at Alpha Dog Distribution, it is possible to create a tailor-made formula, free of these allergens. Also, please note that we may also refer your dog for an intolerance test.

Weight control

Weight control is easier to achieve with a raw diet. Alpha Dog Distributions’ formula is relatively simple. It consists of raw meats and high-quality ingredients which are suitable for human consumption.

Better oral health

Better gum and tooth health, healthier oral hygiene, and reduced tartar build-up are other benefits of eating raw foods. For daily teeth cleaning, we also offer a variety of raw bones that act as a natural toothbrush for your pet.

A better defined body

Greater muscle mass, a better-defined body, better joint health, and increased mobility are other benefits noted by the vast majority of our customers. Your pet will look more athletic while seeing his weight on the scale increase. We can also find this same finding in carnivorous wild animals in their natural habitat, where the majority of these have a well-sculpted and muscular body.

Better quality of life

By choosing a raw food-based diet, your pet will benefit from the longevity of life expectancy and a higher quality of life. This diet is the most natural and the healthiest for your animal. As a matter of fact, your dog's health and immune system will be optimized. Your veterinary costs will be lowered, or you might not need to see the veterinary at all! Which is good news for your wallet in the long run. A healthy and balanced diet means a longer life expectancy with your faithful companion! 

Optimal hydration

No more dehydration. If your dog drinks more than one bowl of water, it may mean it is dehydrated. With our raw meat formulas, dogs are always well hydrated because these formulas preserve all the moisture they need. Thus, by adopting our diet, you will find that your dog will drink less water.

Stop loss of appetite

No more loss of appetite. Our raw meat formulas are enticing. Your dog will love them to the point of completely emptying his bowl during every meal! Customers even tell us that dogs can dance when it's time to eat!