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Raw Meat and Dogs: What Exact Amount?

quantité viande crue pour chien

Raw feeding for dogs, a growing trend, raises many questions among owners eager to provide their companions with an optimal diet. Adjusting the amount of raw meat is crucial to maintaining your dog's ideal weight, thus preventing the risks of undernutrition or obesity, essential for their overall health and well-being.

In this article, we will explore several key aspects of raw feeding for dogs together. Let’s find out how much your dog should eat each day.

  1. Steps
  2. Raw Meat Formula
  3. Practical Case
  4. Raw Meat Calculator
  5. When to Reevaluate Needs?
  6. Customized Advice

Calculating the Amount of Raw Meat

Let's dive into the details with the formula and a concrete example. To calculate the amount of raw meat your dog needs each day, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Weigh Your Dog

First, you need to know your dog's weight. Use a scale to get their weight in pounds.

Step 2: Determine Your Dog's Activity Level

  • Sedentary: Little exercise, outings just for essential needs.
  • Normal Activity: Regular walks, moderate daily activity.
  • Very Active: Very energetic dog, often exercises or trains a lot.

Step 3: Choose the Caloric Need Factor

  • Small Dogs (less than 22 lbs): Use a higher factor.
  • Medium-sized Dogs (22-55 lbs): Use a medium factor.
  • Large Dogs (more than 55 lbs): Use a lower factor.

To choose the exact factor according to the level of activity:

  • Sedentary: 1.5% of body weight
  • Normal Activity: 2% to 2.5% of body weight
  • Very Active: 2.5% to 3% of body weight

Step 4: Calculate the Daily Ration

Multiply your dog's weight by the percentage corresponding to their activity level.


Raw Meat Quantity (lbs) = Dog's Weight (lbs) × Chosen Percentage

Calculation Example

Imagine your dog weighs 15 lbs and has normal activity. For a small dog, we should use a slightly higher factor to account for their faster metabolism.

  1. Choose the percentage for normal activity: Let's use a slightly higher percentage for a small dog, say 3% of body weight.
  2. Do the calculation:

Raw Meat Quantity (lbs) = Dog's Weight (lbs) × Chosen Percentage

Raw Meat Quantity (lbs) = 15 lbs × 0.03 = 0.45 lbs

Your dog would therefore need about 0.45 lbs of raw meat each day, which equates to about 7.2 ounces of raw meat per day. This better accounts for the energy needs of a small dog. Don't forget to adjust this amount if you observe changes in weight, health, or activity level of your dog.

Use an Online Raw Meat Calculator

To precisely know how much raw meat to give your dog and simplify your calculations, visit our raw meat calculator. Enter your dog's information to receive a personalized estimate, like a tailor taking exact measurements to craft a custom suit.

When to Adjust the Food Ration?

A dog's energy needs can change significantly over time, influenced by age, activity level, health status, and even seasonal variations. It is therefore crucial to regularly review the amount of raw meat consumed to ensure it still meets your pet's requirements.

Attentive observation is indispensable. Weight gain or a drop in energy can signal the need for a diet adjustment. Conversely, weight loss despite a constant diet could reveal an increased need for calories or indicate a health problem.

Using tools like our raw meat calculator can help you determine the appropriate ration based on your dog's current condition. Regular visits to the vet are also essential to confirm that the diet adjustments are well-suited to their condition.

Frequent adjustments ensure that your dog's diet evolves with their needs, contributing to maintaining their health at the best possible level.

Personalized Advice for Tailored Nutrition

Every dog is unique, and their diet should be too. Our offers of raw meat, available for delivery or in our store in Anjou, Montreal, are designed to meet the individual needs of your dog.

Finding the ideal amount of raw meat for your dog is crucial for their development and health. Like a gardener knows his plants, knowing your dog's needs will allow you to better feed and take care of them.

Don't forget to visit our store to discover our economical formats and to discuss with our experts in Anjou, Montreal. They will help you choose the best for your faithful friend.


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