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Leather Studded Dog Collar - Medium


"Supreme" Dog Collar

The collars from the "Supreme" collection are equipped with a thick cushion to guarantee your dog's comfort. Made with premium buffalo leather imported from the United States, the "Supreme" collars are gentle on your canine companion's skin and coat.

Because your dog deserves luxury and comfort, we have designed the Supreme collection.

With their thick cushion design, all Supreme collars provide softness against your companion's skin and coat. A collar guaranteed to be irritation-free.

And there's a style for everyone!

With such a look, your dog will be the star of the neighborhood, for sure!

- Premium quality buffalo leather, imported from the United States -

For neck sizes from 14 inches to 17 inches (35.5 to 43 cm)
Available in 6 colors: Blue, Brown, Gray, Black, Orange, and Pink

Collier en cuire medium bleu
Collier en cuire medium gris
Collier en cuire medium orange
Collier en cuire medium noir
Collier en cuire medium rose
Collier en cuire medium brun